Much of my life is spent using the computer to make work. This process leaves me largely in my head, my body seems redundant during this time. 
Between the lockdowns I took a course in art therapy. The feeling of connection that came from the tactile nature of clay and paint, and the sensation of embodiment I had while making the work was invigorating. I felt as if my whole self was connected and involved in the process of making the art. I loved the wonkiness of the work, the detail in the texture, the immediacy of it.  I wanted to find ways of exploring this with digital sculptures. I’m drawn to working in digital 3D partly because the only constraints to any creations are technical. I get a lot of satisfaction from the craft aspect of 3D but wanted to find a way of integrating real world sculpture into it.
In this series of images, I tried to get across the tangible nature of clay and paint in digital 3D. The paradox of this was that while making the work I was purely in my head again. My work with heads is a reference to this. I removed the top part of the head as an expression of the futility of trying to work in a more embodied way in this medium.

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